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AI Generator

AI-powered text generation, your content will captivate and engage your students effortlessly.

Developer Tools

code generation to streamline your development process, ensuring efficiency and reliability in your projects.

Captivating Images

Unleash your creativity with image generation, crafting visuals that resonate with your vision and brand identity.


AI that understands and generates content in different languages

Custom Prompts

New to prompt engineering? No problem. Custom prompts are created and uploaded daily saving you time.

Support Platform

Using AI can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. If you need support, use the support panel.

Say goodbye to learning blocks AI

Intelligent Writing Assistant

Beat writer's block and create content faster , without breaking a sweat. Our AI writing assistant helps you create high-quality content in seconds, not hours. Just provide a few keywords, topics, learning objectives or a starting sentence, and our AI will get you going. Easy to edit, refine, and export, so you can overcome learning blocks and produce compelling content efficiently. Create and edit lesson plans, IEPs, test passages, word problems and more. Learning is more fun if you when you control the adventure.

Generate, edit, export.

Generate, edit, export.

Powered by OpenAI, Gemeni, and Anthropic.


Intervention Specialists

Parents and Guardians




Educational Consultants

Curriculum Developers

Instructional Coordinators



School Administrators



Advocates and more

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Students (Early Access)


per month

Select Students (Early Access)
  • Efficient Study and Research
  • Enhance Writing and Presentation
  • Generate Personalized Learning and Study Aids
  • 500,000 Word Tokens
  • 50 Image Tokens
Educators (Early Access)


per month

Select Educators (Early Access)
  • Generate Efficient Lesson Plans and Related Content
  • Generatee Engaging and Interactive Learning Materials
  • Create Personalized and Effective Feedback for learners
  • Enhance Student Engagement and More!
  • 1,000,000 Word Tokens
  • 125 Image Tokens
Tutoring Agencies (Early Access)


per month

Select Tutoring Agencies (Early Access)
  • Enhanced Visual and Multimedia Content Generation
  • Efficient Content and Marketing Creation
  • Optimized Advertising and Promotion tools
  • Client Feedback Extraction Tools and More! All Features Unlocked.
  • Team of 5.
  • 5,000,000 Word Tokens
  • 500 Image Tokens
Educational Consulting (Early Access)


per month

Select Educational Consulting (Early Access)
  • All features unlocked
  • Unlimited Word Tokens
  • Unlimited Image Tokens

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